If you've hit the dance floor anywhere in the NJ, Tri-State Area, chances are you have seen us in action and the entertainment that got you to dance and enjoy the good sound, was us. We are DJ's, and that's our job whether we're working your wedding, Sweet 16, Anniversary or Family Reunion, or an outside sales annual meeting and mixer. Give us a try and you'll leave wondering how did you ever have get through an event without us!




You gotta stay true to your roots. We're layin' it down live in our hometown starting soon on Sunday's  8:00pm - 9:00pm Eastern Time and every Sunday thereafter. 1580 on your AM dial or Radioluzdecristo.org

Songs from the Heart and soul is what you will hear on this program, entitled "ROOTED IN CHRIST"

by Jose Diaz - DJ S4C.