We have many packages to chose from to fit your needs. Whether it is a need of just music with nonstop energy, to MC, Light effects or props, we have what you need and we will make it happen. A happy customer can only give more leads for other happy customers and occasions to leave an impression that will last a lifetime.

Hire us and you will not regret your decision. We will walk with you every step of the way up until your special event. All services are provided by contract so you can rest assure we will be there on that special occasion and on time to deliver your entertainment which will be out of this world!

We have a library of over 100,000 songs ranging from 1940's up until present with all genre's... and best of all, if we don't have it, which is rare, we WILL Get it. We get our music from record pools just like those hard to get songs which have not yet to be released in the stores as do the radio stations. Be the first to express new music before it hits the stores along with the latest HITS! Everyone will wonder where these songs are coming from and how were you able to provide such entertainment.  

​See link with some of the latest hits available in our library...  http://www.mobilebeat.com/top-200/

My Story


Jose Diaz (DJ S4C) - Founder & Owner   (732) 500-7040



Ever since I first heard one of my friends mixing it up in his basement and saw what he was doing with his hands, ears and blending and cutting it up with multiple records ... yes 2 records at a time... I KNEW WHAT I WANTED TO DO!! I knew I had to get my hands on 2 turntables, mic, speakers and put myself where I needed to be at the time. Ever since I've been spinnin' the sickest, illest tracks and packin' the dance floor with party people who raise the roof night after night.

After sometime I heard this inner voice from my heart calling me... "Jose, I need you for more than this." With trials in life I encountered our Lord Jesus Christ. My life has not been the same since. I entrusted my life to Him and have been blessed beyond understanding.
With years of experience under my belt, you won't find a more qualified, dignified or electrified personel to bring the music and entertianment for your special event. Our rates are reasonable and you get more than what you pay for, and our attire is to the occasion, and we're waiting for you to hire us.