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My name is Tony aka DJ Un-OwN (Far Right) and I have been DJing since 1982. I was inspired by a DJ who went by the name of  DJ Sofredo whom I served as a roadie many years ago, early 80's.  I was part of a DJ group know then as Master Blasters.  By 1985, I was blessed to be able to acquire my own DJ equipment with the original Technics D2's.  By 1986 I moved forward with taken on  different venues on my own. By this time I upgraded from my D2's for Technic 1200's and grew my vinyl collection to over 800 LP's which were known as long play. At this moment they are part of a collection which I cannot depart from. In the early 90's CD's came out in which I transitioned over to to keep up with the demand of the new technology.  I Upgraded then into a laptop to supplement my record collection and moved inward to the new era of MP3s. My library of music now consists of over 60,000 songs which is stored into my external hard drives. There is no venue that I can say I have not played in and we are always at the service of our clients. 
Our Roadie and MC Eddie Tejadas known as "Edd-Tee" (far left) and my wife Maria (Center) are aways ready to bring your venue to life!